Analysis Systems

The goal of the Analysis Systems focus area is to develop sustainable analysis tools to extend the physics reach of the HL-LHC experiments by creating greater functionality, reducing time-to-insight, lowering the barriers for smaller teams, and streamlining analysis preservation, reproducibility, and reuse.

Analysis Systems Scope

Focus Area Strategies:

  • Establish declarative specifications for analysis tasks and workflows that will enable the technical development of analysis systems to be decoupled from the user- facing semantics of physics analysis.
  • Leverage and align with developments from industry and the broader scientific software community to enhance sustainability of the analysis systems.
  • Develop high-throughput, low-latency systems for analysis for HEP.
  • Integrate analysis capture and reuse as first class concepts and capabilities into the analysis systems.

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AS Projects

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Generation and fitting for multibody hadron decays
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Functional ADL

Functional Analysis Description Language
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Likelihood-free Inference
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pythonic analysis tools
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Differentiable likelihoods
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