How to add a project page to the IRIS-HEP site

We would like each IRIS-HEP project to have an update to date project web site. This will be useful for attracting collaborators, advertising your work and (more mundane) reporting.

Getting started is easy. Add a page for your project under pages/projects. From there you can follow an example, but here is some information get to you started

The required elements of the top matter are:

Then you can layout the page in the way you wish. There are some helper functions that will list your team, presentations and publications in a standard format. Please use these. All of this information is driven by the people files and publication files. So if something is missing from the list of presentations or publications it is most likely because the project field is missing from the corresponding presentation or publication entry.

Want to test locally before making a pull request? This should work.

Get help: Reach out on the Slack website channel or contact David Lange.