Data Organization, Management and Access (DOMA)

The HL-LHC era will provide enormous challenges in the area of Data Organization, Management and Access (DOMA). The LHC will provide a significantly increased number of events and increased event complexity, both of which will drive much larger data sizes - with no changes in how the LHC community functions, the total increase in data volume may be a factor of 30.

Given the LHC experiments are, combined, managing nearly an exabyte of data, such a significant increase in volume is unmanageable. New mechanisms and techniques are necessary to more efficiently manage storage resources; the DOMA area in IRIS-HEP is working on the R&D necessary to affect such change.

It is not only data volumes that are potentially disruptive to the HL-LHC physics program; the extraordinarily large number of events (potentially 150 billion similated and recorded events per year per experiment) presents a challenge in data management for users. Along with the analysis systems team within IRIS, DOMA is working on improved techniques for delivering events to users.

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Caching Analysis Data

Cached-based placement of analysis datasets.
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Intelligent Data Delivery Service

Delivering Data. Better.
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Modeling Data Worfklows

Modeling HL-LHC Data flows
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Third Party Copy

Envisioning a new way to move LHC data
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