IRIS-HEP Fellows Program

People are the key to successful software. IRIS-HEP aims to promote the development of advanced research software skills by providing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to connect with mentors within the larger HEP and Computational/Data Science community. At the same time, we aim to promote software as a collaborative activity and encourage collaborations which engage individuals in ways that maximize their potential and their potential impact on the community.

In order to accomplish these goals, IRIS-HEP has created a Fellow program. IRIS-HEP Fellows will spend 2-3 months working closely with a mentor on an R&D topic relevant to the Institute. Possible software R&D areas include:

It is not required that the mentors are IRIS-HEP team members, any appropriate mentor from the larger community working in one of these areas can be part of the program.

Two types of IRIS-HEP Fellows are possible:

Examples fellows in a related program can be found on the DIANA/HEP Fellow webpage and example projects of interest in the HEP community can be found on the HEP Software Foundation Google Summer of Code (HSF GSoC) webpage. While GSoC is a separate program, funded by Google, many of the projects could also be appropriate for IRIS-HEP Fellows if they are within the R&D areas listed above.

Interested prospective fellows and/or mentors should write to for more information.

Prospective fellows will eventually apply (to by providing:

IRIS-HEP Fellow positions will be awarded in a rolling fashion based on submitted project proposals.

IRIS-HEP Fellows

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Raghav Kansal
University of California, San Diego

Jun-Aug 2019
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Ralf Farkas
Universität Bonn (Germany)

Jan-Mar 2020
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Pratyush (Reik) Das
Institute of Engineering & Management (Kolkata)

Jun-Sep 2019

Example fellow projects

Applicants should feel free to make their own proposal for a software project within any of the R&D areas of the Institute. We list here some specific example topics and projects for which their is a known opportunity for a Fellow to collaborate. (This is a non-exhaustive list, more to come!)