IRIS-HEP Projects

Name Focus Area(s) Description
Accelerated GNN Tracking IA accel-gnn-tracking
Accelerators and ML for reconstruction IA Accelerated calorimeter reconstruction using Machine Learning as a Service
ACTS IA Development of experiment-independent, thread-safe track reconstruction.
ADL Benchmarks AS Functionality benchmarks for analysis description languages
AmpGen AS Generation and fitting for multibody hadron decays
awesome-hep AS A curated list of awesome high energy and particle physics software
Awkward Array AS Manipulate arrays of complex data structures
Awkward-Dask AS Developing a new high-level Dask collection for Awkward Arrays
cabinetry AS Building and steering template fits
Caching Analysis Data DOMA, OSGLHC Cached-based placement of analysis datasets.
coffea-casa DOMA, AS A Prototype of Analysis Facility
DecayLanguage AS Describe and convert particle decays
exploratory-ml AS, IA Analysis Reinterpretation
Functional ADL AS Functional Analysis Description Language
GPU Trigger Project IA Allen: a GPU trigger for LHCb
HEP Tables AS Heterogenous Distributed Array Programming Environment
Histogram projects AS Histogramming efforts
Intelligent Data Delivery Service DOMA Delivering Data. Better.
Line-Segment tracking IA Segment linking tracking for CMS
Machine Learning for jets IA Machine learning for jets
MadMiner AS Likelihood-free Inference
mkFit IA Modernizing Kalman filter tracking for CMS
Modeling Data Workflows DOMA, OSGLHC Modeling HL-LHC Data flows
OSG Network Monitoring OSGLHC Provide network monitoring for LHC and OSG sites
OSG Operations OSGLHC Operate OSG-LHC services
OSG Security OSGLHC OSG Cybersecurity team
OSG Software and Release OSGLHC Provide integrated software for running dHTC services
Particle AS Pythonic particle information
ppx AS Cross-platform Probabilistic Programming eXecution protocol
PV-Finder IA CNNs to find primary vertices
pyhf AS Differentiable likelihoods
recast AS Analysis Reinterpretation
ROOT on Conda-Forge AS Use ROOT in Conda through Conda-Forge
Scikit-HEP AS Pythonic analysis tools
ServiceX DOMA Delivering columnar data on demand
SkyhookDM DOMA Programmable Storage for Databases and Datasets
Third Party Copy DOMA, OSGLHC Envisioning a new way to move LHC data
uproot AS Read and write ROOT files in Python
Vector AS Manipulate vectors