IRIS-HEP Projects

Name Focus Area(s) Description
Accelerated GNN Tracking IA accel-gnn-tracking
Accelerators and ML for reconstruction IA Accelerated calorimeter reconstruction using Machine Learning as a Service
ACTS IA Development of experiment-independent, thread-safe track reconstruction.
ADL Benchmarks AS Functionality benchmarks for analysis description languages
AmpGen AS Generation and fitting for multibody hadron decays
awesome-hep AS A curated list of awesome high energy and particle physics software
Awkward Array AS Manipulate arrays of complex data structures
cabinetry AS Building and steering template fits
Caching Analysis Data DOMA, OSGLHC Cached-based placement of analysis datasets.
coffea-casa DOMA, AS A Prototype of Analysis Facility
DecayLanguage AS Describe and convert particle decays
exploratory-ml AS, IA Analysis Reinterpretation
Functional ADL AS Functional Analysis Description Language
GPU Trigger Project IA Allen: a GPU trigger for LHCb
HEP Tables AS Heterogenous Distributed Array Programming Environment
Histogram projects AS Histogramming efforts
Intelligent Data Delivery Service DOMA Delivering Data. Better.
Line-Segment tracking IA Segment linking tracking for CMS
Machine Learning for jets IA Machine learning for jets
MadMiner AS Likelihood-free Inference
mkFit IA Modernizing Kalman filter tracking for CMS
Modeling Data Workflows DOMA, OSGLHC Modeling HL-LHC Data flows
OSG Network Monitoring OSGLHC Provide network monitoring for LHC and OSG sites
OSG Operations OSGLHC Operate OSG-LHC services
OSG Security OSGLHC OSG Cybersecurity team
OSG Software and Release OSGLHC Provide integrated software for running dHTC services
Particle AS Pythonic particle information
ppx AS Cross-platform Probabilistic Programming eXecution protocol
PV-Finder IA CNNs to find primary vertices
pyhf AS Differentiable likelihoods
recast AS Analysis Reinterpretation
ROOT on Conda-Forge AS Use ROOT in Conda through Conda-Forge
Scikit-HEP AS Pythonic analysis tools
ServiceX DOMA Delivering columnar data on demand
SkyhookDM DOMA Programmable Storage for Databases and Datasets
Third Party Copy DOMA, OSGLHC Envisioning a new way to move LHC data
uproot AS Read and write ROOT files in Python
Vector AS Manipulate vectors