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OSG is a consortium dedicated to the advancement of all of open science via the practice of distributed High Throughput Computing (dHTC), and the advancement of its state of the art. It is a collaboration between IT, software, and science organizations. The consortium coordinates human and computing resources from a wide range of funded projects towards the aforementioned goal. It is governed by the OSG Council, maintaining its by-laws, and electing an executive director for 2 year renewable terms. The Executive Director works with an Executive Team to coordinate the program of work across funded projects.

OSG-LHC contributes to the larger mission of the OSG Consortium by evolving the production infrastructure the LHC collaborations depend on in the USA towards the needs of the HL-LHC science program. As such, OSG-LHC is specifically focused on those aspects of the infrastructure that are shared between the US ATLAS and US CMS Operations programs.

As of 2021, the production infrastructure accessible via OSG-LHC supported infrastructure software comprises roughly 1/3 of the global computing infrastructure of the LHC science program, thus being the single largest national contribution to the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid.

For more information, see the OSG home page.

Contact us: There are multiple ways to contact the OSG; see the OSG contact page for information.

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OSG-LHC Projects

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OSG Operations

Operate OSG-LHC services
More information
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OSG Software and Release

Provide integrated software for running dHTC services
More information
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OSG Security

OSG Cybersecurity team
More information
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OSG Network Monitoring

Provide network monitoring for LHC and OSG sites
More information
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Caching Analysis Data

Cached-based placement of analysis datasets.
More information
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Modeling Data Workflows

Modeling HL-LHC Data flows
More information
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Third Party Copy

Envisioning a new way to move LHC data
More information

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