Things new IRIS-HEP team members need to do

New IRIS-HEP team members need to do some number of things to get connected. This webpage documents the things that need to be done. If you find there are steps not mentioned here, or missing/unclear information, please contribute an improvement!

IRIS-HEP website

active: true
- <primary focus area(s), a list>
institution: <Your University>
name: <Your name>
photo: /assets/images/team/<First name>-<Last name>.jpg
shortname: <Your GitHub user ID>
title: <Can be blank - will show a title under your picture>
website: <Optional, your website>
  - title: How to make green eggs and ham
    date: 2018-09-10
    meeting: ROOT 2018 Users Workshop
    project: greeneggs
    focus-area: as
    location: Virtual
  • Add your GitHub username to the proper university file. Note that you will not show up in the full team page if you are not in a university file!


  • Have an existing team member add your email address to the IRIS-HEP Slack team.
  • Subscribe to the relevant Google mailing lists, at the very least “IRIS-HEP Full Team” and “IRIS-HEP Announcements”.


If you don’t have any presentations yet, you can leave presentations blank. For more on adding new presentations, see the add a presentation page.