Things new IRIS-HEP team members need to do

New IRIS-HEP team members need to do some number of things to get connected. This webpage documents the things that need to be done. If you find there are steps not mentioned here, or missing/unclear information, please contribute an improvement!

IRIS-HEP website

name: <Your name>
shortname: <Your GitHub user ID>
title: <Can be blank - will show a title under your picture>
active: green
institution: <Your University>
website: <Optional, your website>
photo: /assets/images/team/<First name>-<Last name>.jpg
  - title: How to make green eggs and ham
    date: 2018-09-10
    meeting: ROOT 2018 Users Workshop
    location: Sarajevo



There is a section for presentations in the file you created above. We would like to keep track of the presentations made by IRIS-HEP team members, with the following criteria:

The meaning of the fields is the following: