IRIS-HEP Fellow: Aryan Roy

Fellowship dates: Apr – Aug, 2021
May – Jul, 2022

Home Institution: Manipal Institute of Technology

Project: Accelerating Uproot with AwkwardForth

Uproot is a Python library made for ROOT I/O. Uproot can only read columnar data quickly. The record-oriented layouts are hundreds of times slower, hence, in this project we aim to accelerate Uproot using AwkwardForth, a Domain Specific Language. This fellowship will involve writing up a meta-programming solution to generate schema-specific AwkwardForth code to read ROOT files. This project will result in a fully functional ROOT format reader that can replace the current solution and also outperform it.

More information: My project proposal

  • Jim Pivarski (Princeton University)

Presentations and Publications
Current Status
November 2023 - Associate Software Developer at Oracle

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