IRIS-HEP Fellow: Jerry Ling

Fellowship dates: Jun – Sep, 2022

Home Institution: Harvard University

Project: Reading (and possibly writing) RNTuples in Uproot

[Uproot]( is a Python library that reads and writes ROOT files, the file format for nearly all particle physics data. RNTuple is a new, fully columnar data format for ROOT, which is intended as the eventual replacement for TTree ([paper](, [plans](, and [spec]( Thanks to its columnar structure, data structures of any complexity can be zero-copy converted (apart from decompression) into [Awkward Arrays]( In this project, the successful candidate would develop the interface code in Uproot to read RNTuple data into Awkward Arrays. If time permits, the candidate may attempt to implement RNTuple-writing and RNTuple reading in sister projects in Julia-lang as well.

More information: My project proposal

  • Jim Pivarski - (Princeton)

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