IRIS-HEP Fellow: Thomas Shearer

Fellowship dates: May – Aug, 2020

Home Institution: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Project: Improving the User Interface to OSG-LHC Network Metrics

The OSG-LHC Network Monitoring collects and manages many different types of metrics related to network performance. The purpose is to enable identification of network problems and their speedy resolution. This data is continuously acquired, giving current information on the health and performance of the network. The initial work on the user interface created a few general overview pages organized by the metric being measured, which is not necessarily relevant for users of the system. My project is to augment this user interface to assemble information relevant to specific use-cases. I plan to survey existing and potential users to identify the most important use-cases they have and iteratively evolve dashboards to meet those needs. This will ensure that the use-case specific dashboards created are relevant and useful for the community.

More information: My project proposal

  • Shawn McKee (U.Michigan)

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