IRIS-HEP Fellow: Abhigyan Acherjee

Fellowship dates: Aug, 2023 – Mar, 2024

Home Institution: University of Cincinnati

Project: Extending Automatic Differentiation Support in RooFit

In terms of minimization time, Roofit offers faster results even with numerical differentiation techniques as compared to minimizing a likelihood function that is written by hand in C++, due its complex caching logic. Automatic differentiation gives an additional speedup and more accuracy and scalability for problems with large number of parameters. The purpose of this project will be to firstly use Minuit as an optimization algorithm with externally provided gradients, extend support to cover HistFactory and other parts of RooFit, and finally to optimize Clad generated derivatives and further explore how they can be parallelized (OpenMP or CUDA).

More information: My project proposal

  • David Lange (Princeton University)

  • Vassil Vassilev (Princetonn University)

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