IRIS-HEP Fellow: Durbar Chakraborty

Fellowship dates: May – Sep, 2022

Home Institution: National Institute of Technology, Durgapur

Project: Metrics to define user activities and engagement on the various coffea-casa Analysis Facility deployments

My proposed project work would involve defining a set of various user-engagement metrics based on the data collected from several platforms including JupyterHub, and similar AF tools. For the purpose of collecting data for future telemetry, we can also make use of the underlying Kubernetes infrastructure. We can also power the Jupyter Notebooks by Elasticsearch for the purpose of data collection of the various metrics. Once we have developed the various user engagement metrics, we will switch to developing a data collection infrastructure for them using telemetry/data-monitoring tools (e.g. Prometheus) which will help us centralize and store the gathered metrics efficiently. Once we have managed to construct such an efficient infrastructure, we will be developing a data visualization dashboard for it using visualization applications (e.g. Grafana, Kibana) for the purpose of easy monitoring. A possible means for the project can be using the ELK/Elastic Stack, but the specific tools are flexible and will be subject to their efficacy under the present constraints for the project.

More information: My project proposal

  • Oksana Shadura (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

  • Alex Held (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

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December 2022 - Research Assistant at National Institute of Technology Durgapur

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