IRIS-HEP Fellow: Viacheslav Kucherenko

Fellowship dates: Jun – Aug, 2022

Home Institution: Kyiv Academic University (KAU)

Project: Machine Learning Based Tracking and Trigger

We propose to use AI/ML to perform software-based triggering processing and recognise complex patterns of particle decays. This project will focus on tracking algorithms, which can effectively identify tracks of the particles, having the phase-space distribution of points on detectors. Using geometrical constraints and a graph neural networks approach it is possible not only to identify tracks but also to apply trigger detection classification on the preprocessed tracks. After having a model, the goal would be to fine-tune the best approaches and compare their final metrics.

More information: My project proposal

  • Dantong Yu - (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Presentations and Publications
Current Status
January 2022 - Machine Learning Engineer at Jumio Corporation

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