Caching Analysis Data

Significant portions of LHC analysis use the same datasets, running over each dataset several times. Hence, we can utilize cache-based approaches as an opportunity to efficiency of CPU use (via reduced latency) and network (reduce WAN traffic). We are investigating the use of regional caches to store, on-demand, certain datasets. For example, the UCSD CMS Tier-2 and Caltech CMS Tier-2 joined forces to create and mantain a regional cache that benefits all southern California CMS researchers.

These in-production caches have shown to save up to a factor of three of WAN bandwidth compared with traditional data management techniques.


Report on cache usage on the WLCG and potential use cases and deployment scenarios for the US LHC facilities

Report on LHC data access patterns, data uses, andintelligent caching approaches for the HL-LHC (draft)