OSG Network Monitoring

The OSG Network Monitoring team designs, deploys, and maintains an infrastructure for collecting network monitoring data between LHC, OSG, and other sites around the world. They help collaborators with monitoring, measuring, and supporting research networks through network tuning, problem identification, and metric gathering. The team provides tools and support for researchers, network engineers, and site managers to better understand their distributed infrastructures, localize problems, and measure performance.

This project collaborates with a number of projects including:

  • SAND (Service Analysis and Network Diagnosis, NSF Grant #1827116): They provide analytics using data from the OSG-LHC network metrics repository.

  • WLCG Throughput Working Group: This group manages the perfSONAR parameters, test configurations, and host meshes that define which tests and sets of hosts are measured.

  • HEPiX Network Function Virtualization Working Group: This group explore technology and tools in the area of software defined networking and future networking technologies of interest to OSG-LHC and others.

  • Research Networking Technical Working Group: This group focuses on specific networking technology implementations requested by researchers involved in distributed collaborations (primarily HEP but others as well). See their charter.

The team also coordinates (with SAND) a group of undergraduates and graduate students who are working on network related tools and analytics.

The team maintains documentation on the OSG website.