OSG Security

The OSG Security team works on supporting operational security for OSG infrastructure, software security, incident response, and coordination with OSG’s stakeholders in cybersecurity.

OSG-LHC Security collaborates with WLCG cybersecurity groups and stakeholders, including:

  • WLCG Federated Operations Security Working Group: This group is working to develop a trust model and policies for federated service operations across the WLCG. An example of federated service operations is support of a centralized deployment team for containerized edge services across a federated container orchestration infrastructure.

  • WLCG Authorization Working Group: This group focuses on addressing authorization requirements for WLCG experiments and WLCG infrastructure. The transition from identity to capability token based authorization is discussed by this working group.

  • WLCG shared incident response: OSG-LHC security collaborates with U.S. ATLAS Security, U.S. CMS Security, and EGI CSIRT teams to facilitate incident response within the WLCG.

The team maintains documentation and security policies on the OSG website.