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  • Princeton postdoc Savannah Thais is organizing a session at the APS April meeting entitled “Physics Response to COVID-19”.

  • Princeton researchers Peter Elmer, Henry Schreiner, David Lange and Jim Pivarski are contributing the software for a patient pressure and airflow monitoring system for ventilators. The system allows up to 20 patients to be monitored remotely by a nurse in a COVID-19 field hospital, with relevant alarms. This outreach activity is being done in collaboration with Penn Medicine and a number of other Princeton Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Neuroscience faculty. The system includes data analysis algorithms, visualization and data acquisition from the sensor system (written in Python). The following image shows the nurse monitoring station GUI with simulated time series data for airflow, lung pressure and tidal volume transferred to the lungs. (Click for larger image.)

  • A number of IRIS-HEP researchers were involved in setting up the Science Responds to make connections that enable (non-medical) researchers to contribute to understanding and combating the global COVID-19 problem and/or its economic and societal impacts. This website provides resources and information for such researchers. An associated Slack workspace and Zoom meetings allow researchers to interact. We have also recently begun organizing talks and discussions with non-Physics researchers. Some of these are being recorded and made available in a Youtube channel.