IRIS-HEP Fellow: Artem Havryliuk

Fellowship dates: Jun – Sep, 2022

Home Institution: National Technical University of Ukraine (Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute)

Project: Data Classification with PointNet++ for the Active-Target Time Projection Chamber at FRIB

We have an Active-Target Time Projection Chamber (AT-TPC) detector, which consists of a gas chamber (the detector gas is at the same time the target material), a source of magnetic and electric fields, and the pad plane on which particles are detected. The task is to extract information from the data that we receive on the detector, such as information about energy and angles, as well as the classification of events to identify particles, using a model built on the basis of the PointNet architecture.

More information: My project proposal

  • Michelle Kuchera (Davidson College)

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