Functional ADL


func-adl is an implementation based upon the C#’s Language Integrated Query (LINQ) feature. func-adl allows the physicist to declare, using a functional syntax, a query against particle physics data (or any structured data). It is based around streams of objects, be they events, jets, tracks, or electrons. A single event is expressed as a database, of sorts, and a stream of the events is processed.

The language is built to be data-format agnostic. There are projects to translate func-adl into C++ to run against ATLAS xAOD’s and CMS Run 1 AOD’s, and any flat ROOT TTree.


This project is released in production for ServiceX. It works with the ATLAS xAOD and CMS Run 1 AOD (experiment-specific custom formats) and flat ROOT TTree files (using the uproot and awkward ecosystem).

GitHub Repositories

Repositories connected with this work:

  • func_adl - The base package for the func_adl SQL-like data query language.
  • func_adl_xAOD - Backend that works with ATLAS xAOD files to extract columnar data.
  • func_adl_uproot - Backend that works with ROOT TFile’s that contain TTree’s.
  • func_adl_servicex - Front end that seamlessly connects func-adl and the ServiceX backend.
  • qastle - Interchange language that converts func_adl to a text language suitable for transmission over the web. While list-like and plain-text, it is meant as an interchange format, not an end-user language.

This work is based on the original work done with LINQ in the C# programming language (prior to the start or IRIS-HEP):